Guided canyoneering

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The canyons listed below are the classic ones of the area. They offer all the ingredients of a beautiful canyon : abseils, jumps and slides but each one has its peculiarities. Activity times are indicative and do not include preparation time (possible shuttle vehicle, equipment, briefing).
Group rates (from 7 people) : -5€
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Vallon de Cramassouri

Initiation / discovery (from 10 years old)
A concentrated and progressively challenging canyon right up to the grand finale.
Activity time : about 2h (+ approach 15min)
Price : 45€


Riou de la Bollène

Discovery (from 12 years old)
Aquatic walks in a unique environment, sometimes plant-covered, sometimes mineral. Austere and narrow passages or long sunny areas, the highlight of the canyon consists of a beautiful vertical 10m slide !
Activity time : about 3h (+ approach : 5min)
Price : 60€


Rio Barbaira

Discovery (from 12 years old)
Located in Italy near the border, this canyon must be explored before a lunch in a nice restaurant in the village of Rocchetta Nervina. From the natural sunny pools of clear water during the first part to the technical ending in a dark, narrow and beautiful passage, it's a delight for the eyes!
Activity time : about 3h30 (+ approach 40min)
Price : 65€


Clue du Riolan

Sporty (from 14 years old)
This classic of the Esteron valley offers long aquatic parts in often milky waters. The sun reflecting on the walls of this very narrow and deep canyon is usually breathtaking.
Activity time : about 5h (+ approach : 10min)
Price : 65€


Clue de la Maglia

Sporty (from 14 years old)
One of the most beautiful canyons in Europe ! It´s well worth the effort! With large water flow and cold water, you have to be athletic to enjoy the hidden secrets in the Maglia, such as the sublime abseil in the cave or the 10m slide !
Activity time : about 4h30 (+ approach 15min)
Price : 65€

Many other courses are also available depending on the season and the weather. You can have a look at the map (blue markers) to get an idea.
Among the most popular canyons are : Gours du Ray (2h, 45€), l'Imberguet (3h, 55€), la Peïra (3h30, 65€), Aiglun (2h30, 60€), le Loup (2h, 45€), Audin (2h, 45€), Morghé (4h, 65€), Raton (7h, 75€), Challandre (3h, 55€), Planfaé (2h30, 50€), Carléva (3h30, 60€)...