What is canyoning ?

Canyoning has grown increasingly popular in recent years. It consists of hiking down a narrow river (a canyon) using adequate equipment (wetsuits, harnesses, ropes, descenders...). We are fortunate to live in an area where you can find some of the most beautiful canyons in France. Wild landscapes, vegetation in dazzling colours, discreet and surprising fauna, rocks carved by the forces of nature, each canyon is a wonder that we must learn to preserve so that we can enjoy its beauty for a long time.

During the summer heat, this sport will bring you into deep and cool gorges of our area, guided by a professional knowing every traps of the river in order to progress safely.

CanyoningThe difficulty of a canyon is the sum of its three basic components :
- the aquatic character takes into account the flow of water and frequency of swimming sections;
- the vertical nature takes into account the general slope of the canyon, the height and frequency of waterfalls;
- the commitment reflects the length of the canyon and how easy it is to get out in case of problems.

There are thus suitable canyons for everybody even for children. The area around Nice offers all kinds of canyons (over 200 are indeed referenced in the Alpes-Maritimes) and even though the classical ones suit most people, we can always find a special canyon together to satisfy a special request, like maybe you want to do a lot of abseiling, you are an amateur of large waterflow or a fan of long endurance canyons.

For a deeper understanding of the activity, you can read a few articles on my blog, (only in french, sorry) or watch some videos.